Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sun nap anyone?


  1. Our cat loves to do the same exact thing! Even if the sunlight only fills a 3"x3" spot, you will find her in it!

  2. I could use a snuggle with your puppies!!!!

  3. Ah, and here is the difference between living in a place where there may be feet of snow and yet there is still the brilliance of the sun and the gray that takes away the hope of warmth for months at a time here in Seattle...
    Yes, we have green and yes the price is high.
    That sun sure looks inviting! My dogs would love to join in! Every time we come back from California the dogs look around for any slice of sun like crazy.

    1. Yep. Our long dark winters make us act all goofy when the sun starts shining again.