Friday, December 14, 2012

Various topics

Oh, it has been one of those days. My computer locked up and I had to wait for hubby to come home and fix it. That was just the frosting on my day filled with runny noses and naughty kids.

Alaskans are wonderful people. My neighbor, whom we hardly know, plowed our driveway yesterday, and it was really deep. It really needed it. That was super nice. We came home from getting milk (I had only left the house once in two weeks and was going nuts and we were out of milk) to find a driveway that had literally been knee deep in snow all cleared.

We had a scare today. My other neighbor had to call 911 today because her wood stove belched smoke all over her top floor and her driveway and in front of my house filled with fire trucks, complete with flashing lights. I had to send my oldest out to make sure she and her boys were ok. They were, but it was quite the drama. Kinda scares me. We have the exact same wood stove and I can't get outside without hubby's help yet.

I hadn't noticed, but until yesterday I hadn't sweat. Today I noticed sweat all over. I didn't even realize that it had been gone until it came back. Hubby was all excited. You should have seen him. I got so hot I actually had to take my socks off. Until yesterday, my feet had been ice cold. So it seems crazy, but I am thankful for sweat.


  1. Wow, that sounds very promising that the healing continues and progresses in amazing ways! I'm rejoicing with you in every drop of sweat! Good stuff!!! Love, cathyd

  2. Those temperature regulations are so weird. Rejoicing with sweaty you. ;) Hate that you had to deal with the firetruck scare. As if you don't already have enough stress!