Monday, November 5, 2012

Fire Drill

Well, we had a fire drill last night, and my kids failed it miserably. We are gonna have to do it again. We did learn that we should keep a set of boots, coats, and gloves in their bedrooms because if the laundry room catches fire we are out of luck. It gets so cold here that exposure could mean loosing a limb. A friend even got frostbite last year. If this stroke has taught me anything it is that anything can happen. We will keep practicing until they get it right. I should keep a coat near me too. I have shoes but no coat.


  1. Hope your Prince is feeling better. I remember having fire drills at home when I was little ~ of course in Florida we didn't have to worry about coats like what you are dealing with. Brrrrrr!

  2. Keep drilling, everyone will get faster. This is a good reminder that we should think of such things, we haven't done one since Benjamin was born.