Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas tree

Not much going on here. We did get a little pre lit Christmas tree at Walmart and my oldest daughter helped me set it up. It was only two pieces and the stand, so it wasn't hard to set up. We can't do a live tree because it gets so dry I am afraid of a fire hazard. Since I only have limited use of one hand, and my chair is it the way now, our big one was out of the question. It isn't pre lit and had a bazillion parts. We made do this year with a small tree and just a few decorations, but I think it looks nice. Who knows we may continue to keep it this simple.


  1. simple can be very good, my friend. it's a joy seeing you post and i almost fell over when i saw your comment on my bloggie! you generously shared some of that hard earned energy on my family! how i miss you, dear sister, and pray for you! yes, your kids are treasures. i had to remind myself of that when aquaman pulled a "prank" and threw something at me, which hit me right on the bone below my eye. hours later it still hurts and i'm still remembering how very much we wanted him!

  2. Yea for pre-lit trees! We did that a few years ago to simplify and we love it. When we want the tree smell, we use candles or car air fresheners. :)

  3. Emily, I don't have your email. If you send it via comment I won't publish it.